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18" Preserved Moss Bowl Paulownia Wood

18" Preserved Moss Bowl Paulownia Wood

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Moss bowl centerpiece for your dining table, a perfect dough bowl for housewarming gifts and nature-themed tabletop decor. It also serves as an ideal client gift or home staging table decor tray. 

18"x7"x2” Preserved Moss Dough Bowl. Mood moss placed in a rustic Paulownia wood dough bowl. Moss Centerpiece for a table. Makes a great centerpiece for rustic wedding table arrangement. Great gift for house warming or client gift.

🌿 Handcrafted with care: Each centerpiece is meticulously created, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

🌿 Natural beauty preserved: Made from preserved moss, this centerpiece captures the lush greenery and organic textures of nature, bringing a touch of the outdoors to your home decor.

🌿 Stunning Paulownia wood bowl: The centerpiece is showcased in a beautiful Paulownia Gray or Black wood bowl, known for its lightness, durability, and distinct grain patterns, adding a rustic yet elegant aesthetic to any space.

🌿 Versatile and eye-catching: This moss centerpiece makes a striking statement on dining tables, coffee tables, mantels, office decor, wedding table centerpiece, or any focal point in your living space. It effortlessly complements various interior styles, from modern to farmhouse and everything in between.

🌿 Long-lasting and low maintenance: Our preserved moss requires no watering, sunlight, or pruning, making it a hassle-free option that retains its vibrant green hue and natural beauty for years to come. Indoor Use Only. Keep out of sunlight for maximum life expectancy.

🌿 Eco-friendly choice: By opting for preserved moss, you are choosing an eco-conscious alternative to fresh flowers and plants. Enjoy the beauty of nature without sacrificing sustainability.

Elevate your home decor with our Paulownia Wood Preserved Moss Bowl Centerpiece. Embrace the serenity and charm of nature in your space and make a lasting impression. Order now and bring the captivating allure of preserved moss into your home!

Made with Preserved Mood Moss Carefully Grown and Harvested in Vancouver Canada, and has been preserved using non-toxic substances.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the handmade nature of this item it may not look identical to the photo. We will use exact colors and materials to recreate this item.
All dough bowls are hand carved from solid wood. Sizes do vary since they are hand carved and do have imperfections (which adds to the beauty of the bowl)

Perfect for rustic or farmhouse style decor, this moss centerpiece can be used for everyday display or special occasions like weddings or dinner parties. It also makes a great gift for nature lovers or anyone who appreciates handmade home decor.

Each moss dough bowl centerpiece is carefully crafted by hand, ensuring that no two are exactly alike. The natural variations in the wood and moss add to the charm and character of this piece.

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